Artist Bio

About good snake

Kayla Fritz and Hannah Epelbaum are the duo behind Austin’s Good Snake. Together, they provide creative direction and consulting services on projects that can use a little color. They also host a podcast on design and design-adjacent topics, and lead courses on traditional sign painting methodology and mural painting.

Kayla is a fine artist with a genetic predisposition to sign painting (thanks, Grandma!), along with a practical background in typography, illustration, and design. Hannah's expertise is information design, with a background in intercultural communication. With their powers combined, they work to promote the accessibility of spaces for everyone, applying modern design tools, traditional techniques, and their unique aesthetic perspective to enhance the sense of place within physical spaces and help their favorite businesses get their message across through good design. 

Some things we’re proud of

November 9, 2018
During Austin Design Week 2018, we delivered a presentation entitled Digital to Analog: Opening Doors with Hand Painted Graphics.
Have you ever seen a sign and thought, "WOW! WHAT A GREAT SIGN!" Perhaps you've come across a sign that made you say to yourself, "GOSH. THAT'S REALLY HARD TO READ." What about a mural where the message was completely lost in the sea of visuals? Good design should be obvious and useful to everyone, not just to professionals who work in the design field. Join Good Snake to learn how typography, color, size, materials, and placement can help or hinder anyone's ability to get a message across in the real world. This event will include a conversation that provides context to help everyone recognize the capabilities of good design in graphics application, along with a sign painting demonstration and hands-on activity. All are welcome.

October 21, 2018 - Fair Market
For our exhibit at craftHER market, entitled Give and Take, we developed an installation that represented the explicit and implicit obligations of creatives and the community that they serve and are served by.

September 8, 2018 - December 4, 2018 - The Center for the Study of the Southwest
For this exhibit, our work, along with that of seven other Texas visual artists, was featured at the Center for the Study of the Southwest Gallery at Texas State University. The installation was curated by Jane Claire Hervey and Xochi Solis in partnership with Chulita Vinyl Club and #bbatx, and was developed around the words of queer Chicana poet, writer, and feminist theorist Gloria E. Anzaldúa's essay "Geographies of Selves.”

Our bodies are geographies of selves made up of diverse, bordering, and overlapping “countries.” We’re each composed of information, billions of bits of cultural knowledge superimposing many different categories of experience . . . As our bodies interact with internal and external, real and virtual, past and present environments, people, and objects around us, we weave (tejemos), and are woven into, our identities.

Gloria E. Anzaldúa, excerpt from essay Geographies of Selves, 2015.