Good Snake Hand Paints

We are Good Snake- Kayla fritz and hannah epelbaum.

Photo by Beth Cita

Good Snake provides creative direction and consulting services on projects that can use a little color. We can help you with any aspect of the creative process, and we specialize in developing accessible visual language to bring ideas into the real world. Click here if you’re interested in connecting with us.

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How to paint letters

Our brush lettering courses are our most popular- for good reason. We paint letters. All. The. Time. We teach students of all backgrounds and levels the proper tools and techniques for painting basic to advanced lettering by hand. We lead courses for aspiring sign painters, more advanced sign painters who could use some guidance, and anyone else who thinks an intensive 6-8 hours going over the finer points of lettering and layout are a great way to spend a Saturday (or any other day). To our graphic design friends- don’t worry, our brush lettering courses will be great for you, too! We provide designers with fresh perspective on how typography, placement, size, and color pull a message together beyond your computer screen and into the real world.


Every time a mural is painted without primer, a snake cries. Learn to avoid this and other mishaps from the people who paint on walls for a living. We show our students the correct way to plan and paint murals for interior and exterior applications. We go over all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts, from bringing your small paper sketch to life on a large wall, to selecting the right tools for the job, so that your mural project can be efficient and fun, and your work can outlive those other murals down the block.

How to run a creative business

Did your college forget to teach you how to actually make a living as a creative? So did ours. Don’t worry, we’ve already made all the mistakes for you. We teach other creatives how to work with clients, organize their time and resources, and maximize the potential of every project, all while earning an actual living.


PUBLIC SPEAKING: Good Snake has some things to say

if you’ve ever tuned in to our Instagram feed or our podcast, you may have noticed that we keep a steady conversation going. Some topics that we particularly care about include:

  • running a sustainable and ethical business as a creative

  • why creatives, like everyone else, deserve to be paid a living wage, and how to make that happen

  • how to connect with clients and employers who respect you, and how to quickly spot and avoid the ones who won’t

  • how to find clients and employers who share your values

  • why the inclusion of diverse voices is good for all of us

  • you get what you pay for: why quality is worth the investment

  • you have two options: good, fast, or cheap; choose wisely

  • how to apply traditional methods and new technology in today’s visual landscape

  • how to get your message across with good design

  • human-centered design thinking

if you’re interested in learning from us, you can keep an eye out for your next opportunity by

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