Goal: Create A Vector image ON THE COMPUTER, then "print" it to scale, but instead of Having a printer print with ink, have a machine that will poke holes or dashes in the paper to look more or less like this:

Titos PNG.png

IN order to be able to easily transfer the image onto a surface using chalk powder, like this guy:


The result looks like this:

Pattern PNG.png

And it makes transferring exact logos or fonts easy.

HAL! Can you build us a machine that will do this?*

*built to work with a size of paper that we could easily purchase large rolls of kraft paper for, like 18", 24", 30", 36", etc.

here are some solutions we know of already that may give you some ideas:


Pokes holes straight into paper, manually. Annoying, takes too long. This is what we currently use.

Electro Pounce machine


Burns holes using an electric current. Faster than the pounce wheel, but also time-consuming, because human hands need to guide the wand. Also, this company makes shoddy machines, Kayla has been shocked a couple times without provocation. If you can make one that is more reliable than the one this company makes, Kayla would be interested, but if you have the ability to additionally/instead make a machine that we can set more like the next two options, we're also interested. Here's an example of a DIY electro pounce machine someone made that Kayla liked: 

Vinyl cutter


Create a digital image to scale, then feed a roll of paper into this thing, and it'll poke holes based on your image. As far as we understand, it's a set-and-forget kind of tool, which sounds great, but we've never actually seen it in action, only heard about it.

Laser Cutter


We sent a pattern to get made using a laser cutter this past week, and it worked out great, however, we don't have permanent access to a laser cutter, and would like to have a machine in-house that can do this job.

Here's the PDF that we sent to get laser cut, in case it helps you get an idea of the possible types of files we'd be working with.

That's it! is this a thing you can help with?

If so, please let us know your estimate for the most cost-effective but also fairly-compensated way you could get this done. Don't forget to include shipping in your calculation.