Interested in working with Good Snake? The below Client Compatibility Quiz will help you decide how we can best fit your needs. We ask all new potential clients to go through this checklist as the first step of our inquiry process.

Name *
Beyond introductory conversations, we reserve the majority of our phone, online, and in-person availability for clients and collaborators who have already committed to working with Good Snake on their projects. *
We have a firm Good Snake policy against schmoozing potential clients. After a conversation or two with you about your goals for your project, we should have enough information to determine whether we think Good Snake can be a good fit for your needs. If the answer is yes, our next step will be to provide you with a general idea of how we'd ideally approach helping you accomplish your goals, and what we'd ask for from you. Once we've shared our vision for how we'd like to be involved with your project, it'll be up to you to decide how you wish to proceed without any additional convincing from us. Our official involvement in your project will commence only following submission of a retainer payment.
We'll work with you to determine a retainer arrangement that will maximize our ability to address the specific needs of your project. *
In most cases, a single flat retainer fee will cover the entire scope of our involvement in a project, with some exceptions in the case of longer-term, multi-phase, or open-ended projects, where it may make more sense for us to bill prior to commencement of work on each phase.
Good Snake is a middleman-free zone. *
Our process is most efficient when we're able to work directly with our clients. If you're seeking to act as intermediary throughout the course of our project between us and your client, employer, friend, or relative, we promise, this will be a lot more fun for everyone if you send them to us directly.
For painting/implementation from Good Snake, we expect to have a hand in the design process of your project. If you are seeking a traditional sign painter to "just paint the thing on the thing," we are not the right fit for you. *
While we often incorporate existing logos or other brand assets into design systems that we develop for our clients, we only take on projects in which we can play an active role in developing accessible design from concept to implementation. If you've already completed the design phase of your project, it's too late; we're not the right fit for your current needs.
One more time for the designers. *
Buildings, graphics, interiors, landscapes, experiences and environments, whatever your specialty, we'd love to collaborate with you. Please get in touch with us at a stage where we can play an active role in identifying the visual needs of a project, and partner with you to develop design that addresses those needs.
Teamwork makes the dream work. *
If you're interested in bringing us on as members of a larger project team, please keep in mind that we expect to be active participants in relevant-to-us-and-our-work conversations and decision-making processes, from initial meetings with clients to final presentation of deliverables.
Please plan to keep us in the loop as your project evolves. *
Hit some delays? Received new information relating to the project scope or budget? Decided that Good Snake's not the right fit after initial conversations? Completely fine, we just ask that you make every effort to share any information that may be helpful to us throughout the duration of our project relationship.
Check your SPAM folder if you contact us and don't hear back within a couple business days. *
We're really good at email, but some servers send snakes, even good ones, straight to the SPAM folder.
Good Snake's original artwork remains ours unless we expressly release it to you. *
If we create custom artwork within the context of your project, it is intended exclusively for use within that context. Our artwork (including preliminary project-related sketches or other documents) may not be reproduced, altered, or applied in other ways by you or other associated individuals/entities unless expressly authorized in writing by us.
We always document our work, and we often post photos of it online. *
If you'd prefer confidentiality for any portion of your project, please let us know prior to getting started, so we don't spill the beans.
We usually sign our painted work. *
If we paint a sign, mural, or anything else for your project, we may select a small area to sign or otherwise place our name or logo. If you prefer to keep our name completely off of any or all pieces that we paint for your project, please let us know in writing before we bring the brushes out.
We do not offer refunds. *
When we commit to working on your project, we potentially forego other gainful employment and business opportunities in order to remain available for the anticipated needs of your project. With this in mind, please take all steps to ensure that you're 100% sold on Good Snake before you submit payment.
If you try to pay us with a bad check, we won't work with you. *
Why would you do that? Instead, save us all the headache and just come back when you're ready. A returned or stopped payment will result in immediate project termination, and will incur a convenience fee of $200.
Changes, additions, and delays on your part may incur additional fees and/or extend the overall project timeline. *
THINGS THAT MIGHT CAUSE YOUR PROJECT TO COST YOU MORE TIME AND/OR MONEY: -delays in response to time-sensitive emails, phone calls, or invoices -failure to ensure that we can physically access objects or surfaces that you have hired us to paint -requests for changes or additions to the original scope of a project
You handle the legal mumbo-jumbo, we make the pretty. *
You are responsible for ensuring that project deliverables comply with all local, state, and federal laws, and for identifying and obtaining required permits. We make no representations or warranties in connection with compliance with local, state, or federal rules, codes, or regulations.
We do not offer installation or mounting services. *
Please keep in mind that the installation of any completed Good Snake artwork is your responsibility, and that unless explicitly stated by Good Snake in writing before work commences, completed artwork from us is not guaranteed to include mounting hardware or posts.
We like your project too, but we can't hold onto it forever. When a project is complete, please plan to retrieve it within a couple days. *
We ask our clients to collect all painted pieces within two weeks of notification of project completion, or to arrange an expectation of when they can be retrieved. After two weeks without notice, completed pieces remaining in our studio may be subject to additional storage fees, and we reserve the right to dispose of completed pieces with no refund after a month.
Are you sure you understand the meaning of "hand painted?" *
Are you excited about the prospect of Good Snake painting something for your project? So are we! Before we go any further, though, a reminder: "hand painted" means "painted by hand." While we are able to paint with extreme precision, we are not computers. If you work with Good Snake on a custom painting project, there will be brush strokes, natural variations in tone or opacity, and other possible visible indicators of the human process involved in the implementation of your project. If you are seeking a service that applies graphics exactly as rendered on your computer screen down to the last pixel, Good Snake is not the right fit for your needs.
Don't worry, we'll discuss specifics later. For now, we're just looking for a general overview of your project and our potential role.
There are infinite ways that we can contribute to your project, but our level of involvement will ultimately be determined by your specific needs, your timeline, and your budget. While we understand that often, these factors may evolve throughout the life of a project, starting with a general idea of your budget will provide us with a great jumping-off point.
The more accurate you can be, the better. Even if you don't anticipate a need for full project completion within months or years, we still recommend sharing your general desired timeline, as your vision of a flexible timeline may differ from ours.