Custom Painted Banner

Custom Painted Banner

from 325.00

Custom painted banners are now available to order.

You will have the opportunity to customize text and/or imagery at checkout.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for production.


We will paint your banner according to our interpretation of your desired text, imagery, and aesthetic. We can paint your logo or another image you provide, but it will be through a Good Snake lens, not a guaranteed printed carbon copy.

No proofs will be provided prior to production. 

For projects with revision rounds and opportunities for your feedback or approval prior to production, custom sizing, custom color matching, etc, stop now and submit an inquiry form here instead.

Maximum 4 lines of copy. Like what you'd write on an envelope. We're not going to paint an entire chapter book on your banner. If you're looking for a LOT of text, stop now and go to our creative project inquiry page instead.

Your banner will be painted and hemmed by hand. This means that there will be brush strokes, natural variations in tone/opacity, reference marks, possible wear, and other visible indicators of the human process. AKA this is a hand-made item, not something machine-made in a factory.

No refunds or returns. As-is. This is art.

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