they can help you decide whether we're a good fit for your project.

1. Original artwork created by Good Snake during the preliminary phases of our project is the property of Good Snake, and may not be reproduced, altered, or applied by you or any other associated entities.

2. If your project involves multiple stakeholders, we ask that you identify in writing one "point person" on your end with full project authority. All project information, approvals, and final decision-making on client behalf are the responsibility of this designated intermediary.

3. If you require confidentiality for any portion of this project, please let us know, so that we can work together to develop an explicit written agreement in this regard. Good Snake otherwise reserves the right to document our work in relation to this project, and to publish and display any of our documentation on our social media pages, website, and other promotional forums.

4. Good Snake reserves the right to select a small area of any original piece we create for your project to sign or otherwise place our name or logo. If you prefer to keep our name completely off of any or all pieces, please let us know prior to project commencement, so that we can work together to develop an explicit written agreement.

5. All hand painted pieces will be completed to the best of our abilities, and will be provided to you "as is." Pieces will experience wear-and-tear over time. Future maintenance or support requests will be subject to market pricing at the time of reevaluation.

6. Full payment is required prior to project commencement in order to ensure our availability for this project.

7. All requests for changes or additions from Good Snake must be made in writing, and may incur additional fees.

8. Any delays on your part in contact, payment, or scheduled physical project accessibility may result in project delays or (in extreme cases) cancellation, and may incur additional fees. In case of project cancellation after work has commenced, you are still responsible for the cost of the relative part of the work or a 25% termination fee, whichever is greater.

9. A returned or stopped payment will result in immediate project termination, and will incur a convenience fee of $30 in addition to associated cancellation fees. Any artwork that we develop in connection with your cancelled project is the sole property of Good Snake, and may not be used for any purposes by you or any of your associates.

10. You are responsible for ensuring that the project deliverables comply with all local, state, and federal laws, and for identifying and obtaining required permits. We make no representations or warranties in connection with compliance with local, state, or federal rules, codes, or regulations.

11. We ask our clients to collect all painted pieces within two weeks of notification of project completion, or to arrange an expectation of when they can be retrieved. After two weeks without notice, completed pieces remaining in our studio may be subject to additional storage fees, and we reserve the right to dispose of completed pieces with no refund after a month.

12. We know that the value of any creative work is subjective. Whether you’re asking Good Snake to create custom artwork for you, or to paint an existing design by hand, please make sure that you take a look at examples of our work on our website, on lnstagram (@goodsnake), or in person (ask us where you can find it) to ensure that you feel confident that our creative direction will be a good fit for your company. Finally, please keep in mind- "hand painted" means "painted by hand." There will be brush strokes, natural variations in tone or opacity, and other possible visible indicators of the human process involved in the implementation of your project.